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The Martin Ramirez Story

Both a documentary and feature production are planned, the former being produced and directed by Franklin Martin; the latter being written and directed by Martin.  It is the story of Martin Ramirez, a homeless Mexican immigrant who spent years in the California mental hospital system but now is considered by many critics to be one of the greatest artists of the Twentieth Century.  Ramirez left Mexico when he was thirty, filled with hopes of pursuing the American Dream for himself and his wife and four children.  He had only been working on the railroads for a short time when he was picked up by the police and committed to a psychiatric asylum, diagnosed as catatonic schizophrenic.  For the rest of his life—thirty-two years—he lived in silence, his voice coming through in his drawings.

Ramirez's work might have remained in obscurity were it not for the interest of a visiting professor of psychology and art.  In 2007, more than forty years after his death, the works of Ramirez were featured by the American Folk Art Museum and are considered an extraordinarily transcendant artistic achievement.

READ MORE about the remarkable story of Martin Ramirez.

Predator's Ball

A true story about the rise and fall of the country's most powerful trader, Michael Milken, and his firm Drexel Barnhaum.   Told through the eyes of Connie Bruck, one of the country's premiere female journalists, the film takes a unique view of the corrupt world of Wall Steet.

All the Presidents Men meets Wall Street with Erin Brokovich as the Reporter in The Preditor's Ball.

Back Nine

Inspired by a true story, Back Nine is a heart-warming tale of two young black boys that fall in love with a sport that refuses to love them back during the civil unrest of the Sixties.

Set in the Deep South, the boys overcome all odds while cleverly inventing ways to practice their passion. With the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they become the first black golfers to win a High School State Championship.

Lauren's Journey

Twenty-four-year-old fashion model Lauren Wasser is at the pinnacle of her modeling career when she is struck by Septic Shock.

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