LONG SHOT: The Kevin Laue Story


Tom Brokaw


John Anderson, VARIETY

KEVIN LAUE began fighting for his life before he was even born.   With his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck in the womb, Kevin fought back using his arm as a shield.   Due to a lack of circulation from the cord, he was born with an arm that ended just below the elbow.   His disability is a testament to his toughness and refusal to quit:

It was either my arm or my head, Kevin often jokes.

Kevin's father, a former athlete and demanding youth coach for his son's teams, had great difficulty accepting Kevin's disability, struggling to cope with having a son who would never have a normal life.  Kevin's mother and father divorced when he was six years old. Four years later, his father died of cancer and Kevin became determined to carry on his family's name and make his father proud by proving that he could be a success not only in life, but in basketball.

Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story chronicles the day-to-day struggles of a teenage boy coming to terms with his need for his deceased father's approval by pursuing his seemingly impossible dream of becoming the first one-armed player in the history of college basketball.

Critical Acclaim

Production Notes

Franklin Martin first met Kevin at a basketball conference in 2007 and, as a former professional coach and scout, offered to work with him. That work eventually led to marathon filming that resulted in over 150 hours of film. The documentary was featured at the Quad Cinema in New York, beginning October 26, 2012, where it set an all-time record for a weekend opening with $17, 724.  It had a recent run in New York and L.A. to rave reviews.

HURRICANE SEASON: Walking on Dead Fish


Located just 15 miles west of New Orleans, the tiny town of La Place escaped the cruel flooding of its neighbor only to suffer a different kind of flood: the overnight influx of 20,000 displaced hurricane victims. Electricity, food, water and shelter became scarce; traffic, unemployment and long lines prevalent. The school system was overrun with 1700 displaced students.

At East St. John High School, teenage boys blown together by the winds of Katrina are forced to overcome the tragedy of losing their homes and school.   Kids with vastly different racial, economic and religious backgrounds must quickly learn to co-exist.  And one-time rivals are challenged to band together and lift the spirit of their broken community.

If you don't shed a tear, you ain't right - Terry Bradshaw

Narator and Executive Producer

Production Notes

The film made it's theatrical debut on September 19, 2008, in New Orleans at the AMC Theaters in Harrahan.  It had the third highest per-screen average in the country and played for six weeks..  After its strong run, the film was selected to headline the Los Angeles-based Something To Talk About documentary series.  Once again Hurricane Season: Walking on Dead Fish showed its audience appeal by selling out. It was picked up by Time Warner, Comcast and Pay Per View. Please check your local listings over the next few months for it's release in your area.

It is now available for purchase/download on iTunes!

Angels in Exile

Angels In Exile challenges viewers to look past the violent and often graphic image of homeless youth and see them for what they areā€¦ children. In the face of constant violence, rape, trafficking abductions and murder, the street kids of Durban, South Africa have next to no way out, most turning to huffing glue for a temporary escape, resulting in addiction and pushing many over the edge to theft, dealing drugs and prostitution.

Director Billy Raftery embeds himself, where most wouldn’t stop at a red light, to share a story 8 years in the making, focusing on two inspiring kids Zulieka and Ariel.  A witness to their entire adolescence, we observe their fight to survive not only the dangers around them, but also the haunting memories of the past that led them to run to the streets in the first place.

Angels in Exile is a co-production of Dutchmen Films and Point Road Productions in association with Charlize Theron Africa Outreach.  Franklin Martin is a Producer of the film; Billy Raftery a Director-Producer.  Charlize Theron narrates.

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