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Dutchmen Films was formed in 2005 by director, writer, producer, and actor Franklin Martin.   A four-year letterman on the Hofstra University Division I basketball team, Franklin named the company after his Alma Mater, The Flying Dutchmen.

The logo reflects his love of the school and the sport that allowed him to become the first person in his family to earn a college degree: Franklin soaring above the countryside of Tennessee where he grew up, piloting the Flying Dutchmen with a basketball and his playing number (22) displayed proudly on the side.

Dutchmen Films prides itself on making films that are truthful to the core.  Within this truth we endeavor to find a beauty that inspires love for humanity.   While life's truths are not always what we hope for, they are what life intends.   By using film as a medium to explore life's hardships and the beauty that ultimately overcomes those pitfalls, we see the power that mankind possesses.

Franklin Martin

Franklin MartinGrowing up in the South, Martin and his family had a strong connection with New Orleans which led him to film his first documentary Hurricane Season: Walking on Dead Fish, narrated and executive-produced by Terry Bradshaw. The documentary garnered much critical acclaim and was acquired by Universal as a feature with Billy Ray (Hunger Games and Captain Phillips) attached as the writer-director.

Martin and Dutchmen Films are releasing their latest documentary feature LONG SHOT: The Kevin Laue Story in theaters. Martin will produce Angels in Exile alongside Charlize Theron, who also narrates the feature documentary for director-producer Billy Raftery.  Other projects Martin is attached to write and direct include Silent Artist: The Martin Ramirez Story, Predator's Ball, Back Nine, and Ashes to Dust.

Franklin has appeared in many feature films and national television shows as an actor. He had great respect for the acting process and brings that to his directorial skills. He is a graduate of Hofstra University and has a Master's Degree from Tennessee State University.

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